ChitFunds 2.0

ChitMonks Team has won Gold at National level for implementing Emerging technologies in Chit Fund space. Our passion is to Create, Empower and Enable the next generation chit fund companies who are looking to grow in Registered Chit Fund business.

Here is our Offer for Companies...

At a time where digitization is essential, cost of digital services should be encouraging the companies to adapt technology. One size fit all model doesn’t work and we respect that. The requirements of a growing company vs established entities are different and hence we have customized our packages accordingly. You don’t have to pay for features which you don’t need/use. We believe in Inclusive Growth.

Join us ONLY if you are a Registered Chit fund company and looking to GROW.

  • FREE Customer facing World-class App - Better than the best
  • FLAT FEE* for - payment collections
  • FREE Offline eKYC tool for 150 subscribers per month - As per RBI Guidelines
  • FREE Inline Accounting (No accountant is needed)
  • World class dashboards
  • Best analysis of Business at Company / Branch and Group levels
  • 100% control on what features you want to use
  • Intelligent Tools for Foreman
  • Underwriting subscribers
  • Bank Statement Analysis of subscribers
  • Perfomance assessments
  • Best in class ROC (regulator) support activities events (ZERO knowledge NEW companies can Do It Themselves)

Why should a subscriber invest in Chit Fund?

Our philosophy is “To make investments in Chit Funds Accessible, Credible and Rewarding”.

  • Registered Under Central Act
  • Secured - because of regulators
  • Better Returns
  • Loans with low Interest
  • Better control over Borrowing rates
  • Deferred Tax

Impact Created

34+ Chit Fund



Chit Groups

ATOs of 108.96+

Crores per Annum