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Do you see problems in the way the public money being handled in your state either in Chit Funds or through illegal money lending activities? We have a solution for it.

ChitMonks, can help the regulators of any state government to bring utmost Trust in the way the Chit fund companies are operating the business in their states.

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Your Network is your Net Worth.

We at ChitMonks believe in this statement and are good at making the network work for you in all aspects. We help you multiply your business and bring unparalleled efficiencies while you scale seamlessly.

ChitMonks, can help chit fund companies like yours to become more efficient and inclusive. We help you with the tech required to run / manage your business. Not just that, we will help you grow big.

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Vilambhi Chits

Valuemax Chits

Akshaya Nidhi Chits

Tern Chits

Svarnadri Chits

Nityotsava Chits

Sri Sadguru Chits

Vanamali Chits

Jagapathi Chits

Jupiter Chits

Shavanthgiri Chits


We understand that you are here to save your hard earned money. Our job is to make sure your investments in Chit funds are safe. We help you to understand various chit fund processes which will help you navigate through your Chit investments easily.

You are the owner of your data on our platform. We help you leverage many financial services with a genie button at your discourse.

Start your savings in Government approved Chit groups on our network.

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